• Idea & concept, market research
  • Ecosystem websites, social medias
  • Cartoon episodes 1&2 release
  • INO
  • Smart-contract audit
  • DEX listing


  • Board game development
  • EXPOs, contests and hackathons
  • Host own offline & online events
  • INOs


  • Cook2Earn concept, gameplay, architecture
  • Board game prototype and MDP release
  • Board game events
  • Completing the Incubation
  • EXPOs
  • Entering American Metaverse Awards contest

H1 2024

  • Fundraising - the funds will be used for B2B & B2C operational costs, new season of the cartoon series, Board Game release, Cook2Earn mobile game release, team expansion, and other essentials like legalization, website and token upgrades, introduce Shill2Earn MVP, cover team costs, and support other vital areas such as marketing and token listing..
  • Full Season cartoon release
  • Board game release
  • New token launch
  • Cook2Earn MVP & Alpha - is a significant step. We create the essential version of our game and then expand and refine it, involving a select group of users for testing and insights.
  • Legalization
  • IDO
  • Cook2Earn release - is the first key milestone where we launch the Cook2Earn mobile game, enhancing our project's appeal and utility.
  • Marketing campaign
  • Shill2Earn MVP - continues our journey, introducing an MVP version of Shill2Earn, further enhancing engagement and participation in our ecosystem.

H2 2024

  • Full Season cartoon release
  • Board game next edition release
  • Shill2Earn release - the second key milestone which syncs perfectly with our Cook2Earn game, creating a unified and expansive ecosystem.
  • INO
  • DEX & CEX listings
  • Partnership with famous animation studio (e.x. Pixar, Illumination, etc) - initiating the full-length animated film production.


  • Round 3 fundraising - funds will be used to launch core products and strengthen the power of the brand and attract global multi-million audience to the project ecosystem.
  • Metaverse game MVP
  • Board game add-ons release
  • HOT sauce line release - introducing a real-world hot sauce product line enhances marketing, engagement, and revenue for ecosystem products (such as: Cook2Earn and Shill2Earn games, the Metaverse, etc); enriching the player experience and brand reach.
  • Metaverse release - is the cornerstone of our project, representing the launch of our main product. This pivotal moment introduces our immersive Metaverse game to the world, marking a significant milestone in our project's evolution.
  • Full-length cartoon release (where cryptocurrencies come alive) - is the key milestone to promote our main product to the worldwide audience, the Salsa Valley Metaverse, similarly to famous gaming brands like Sonic, Mario, etc., leveraging full-length cartoons and movies for global distribution.