Lowering the entry barriers to attract a wide audience

Achieving long-term goals requires a sustainable and profitable business model.
Therefore, reaching a critical mass is extremely important.
Therefore, Salsa Valley's B2B2C strategy in creating an entire ecosystem of products for educational and entertaining purposes to simplify interaction and engagement between cryptoprojects and users, and, make the journey of new users from Web2 into Web3 easy and fun.
Salsa Valley also provides a new way for interaction between real blockchain project creators, users, investors and players. We want as many people as possible coming to the cryptomarket to learn and earn in our space and be able to communicate with anyone in the crypto world through a single handshake!
Imagine that every participant of our ecosystem community could become a character of one of the next episodes of the animated series. And each new episode will bring new characters and items to our games.

Salsa Valley’s four pillars

The four pillars on which Salsa Valley stands are quality, accessibility, engagement and sustainability and scalability. Salsa Valley provides a unique and high-quality experience available to everyone to create a Massively Multiplayer Blockchain Metaverse (MMBM) with network effect, where millions of users can evolve simultaneously through multiple connected blockchains, projects, games and Metaverses.
Engagement and sustainability
In the digital experiences sector, quality is a three-pronged concept, comprising quality of ideas, quality of art direction, and quality of the experience itself.
Salsa Valley Metaverse is a cross-platform and cross-blockchain approach to make it accessible to everyone and everywhere.
With our Cartoon Series, Crypto Board Game, Cook2Earn, Shill2Earn games and Metaverse, our team is able to create a great experience for any user.
At the date of this document, most Metaverse and Play-To-Earn games are difficult to access from a technical or economic standpoint, as well as on the user engagement side, presenting a significant barrier that limits their mass adoption and the development of new markets.
To immerse yourself in the Salsa Valley ecosystem, there is no need to own cryptoassets.
It's a way for us to attract the next 100 million users to the our ecosystem.
Many GameFi and Metaverse ecosystems are too Web 3.0-centric from the start, which obviously limits their adoption by the general public. With this in mind, Salsa Valley is creating a middle ground between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 to ease users’ journey into the blockchain space.
Salsa Valley is creating a brand new cryptocommunity of creators, devs, mobile and board games players and cryptomarket participants and offering new B2B marketing products & solutions such as:
• a funny cartoon series with trolling cryptoworld news;
• a crypto board game released in partnership with cryptoprojects;
• Cook2Earn and Shill2Earn games
This will multiply the interested community of Salsa Valley ecosystem, steadily maintain interest in its and partner projects and develop the cryptoindustry in general by attracting new audiences and new technologies to it.
Although asset scarcity is considered by many to be a value driver, Salsa Valley's goal is to make the experience available to as many people as possible in order to grow the cryptoindustry in general and thereby increase the liquidity of the cryptomarket. That's why Salsa Valley aims to create the first Massively Multiplayer Blockchain Metaverse with its own Get-Fun-To-Earn model (GF2E), a truly scalable Metaverse in which millions of users can evolve simultaneously.

Forward vision and DNA

Salsa Valley creates a very flexible and scalable model that allows us to integrate different games, visual styles, experiences and blockchain platforms.
The DNA of this model is to make it easier to connect with both our own ecosystem world and products, as well as with third-party cryptoprojects and their spaces, providing a wide range of content for our users and providing flexibility in terms of product launches.
Salsa Valley believes this level of flexibility and adaptability is crucial for ecosystem development in the coming years as blockchain technology and market trends continue to evolve rapidly.

Salsa Valley is convinced that only companies that develop scalable and flexible models will be able to meet this demand and take a long-term position in the market.