$SALSA is the native token of Salsa Valley ecosystem with total supply of 1,000,000,000.

Distribution and Vesting

FDV: $25,000,000 IMC: $915,000 IMC without Liq: $577,500 Investor control: 19%
Seed Sale: attracting prominent Venture Capitalists (VCs) as cornerstone investors.
Private Sale: a pivotal component for securing early support and valuable partnerships from strategic investors and contributors.
Public Sale (IDO): offering a broader audience the opportunity to participate. Funds raised dedicated to advancing products development.
Liquidity: essential for smooth trading on both centralized exchanges (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX) platforms. Ensures sustainability, accessibility, and a robust marketplace.
Treasury: Reserved for long-term stability, growth, and global expansion. This allocation will be unlocked at the very last moment and only if the demand for tokens is higher than planned. This is a kind of insurance that every project has.
Marketing: to ensure long-term success in the crypto market, we've allocated resources for strategic marketing. Our aim is to engage millions of users and position Salsa Valley among the top crypto ecosystems globally. This requires significant investment in partnerships, events, influencer collaborations, and targeted social media advertising to gain recognition within the crypto community.
Ecosystem: a key element in facilitating the seamless onboarding of new users into Web3. Reserves set aside to ensure long-term stability and support continuous development and expansion. Rewards incentivizes user actions, enhances user engagement, retention, and active participation within the Salsa Valley ecosystem.
Team: token allocation dedicated to rewarding and incentivizing team members actively contributing to project development and success. Aligns the team's interests with the project's long-term goals, fostering dedication and commitment.
KOLs & Advisors: tokens allocated to Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Advisors to recognize and reward their valuable contributions. Ensures their active engagement and commitment to the project's success, benefiting from their guidance and expertise.