Board games

The global board game market was valued at $13.33 billion in 2021, now it has reached $19 bln and is expected to reach $37.82 billion by 2028 at a compound annual growth rate of 12.29% over the forecast period (2022-2028).
Tabletop and card games are making a comeback, driving market growth. Manufacturers create simple yet captivating games with attractive artwork. The rise of board game cafes globally boosts demand. For instance, London's Draughts Café has 500 and 850 board games in its Waterloo and Hackney branches. Manufacturers innovate to attract modern consumers, like Settlers of Catan's success. Gaming industry events, such as Game on Expo, increase awareness and sales. Board games benefit cognitive development in children. Social media and celebrity endorsements, like TableTop web series, boost demand. Traditional card games go digital, e.g., Asmodee Digital's Lord of the Rings card game for PC and Mac in 2019.

Market overview and Salsa Valley vision

Key board game consumer countries are the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and China.
Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market for board games because major players such as China, India, and Japan are driving growth in the region. Increasing disposable income and a growing young population in these countries are boosting demand for board games. A global comparison shows that the main revenue is generated in the U.S. (in 2022).
We are going to promote and sell the game in the U.S., especially in the southern states, where salsa sauce is very popular among residents.
Tabletop games market: main growth factors and trends. Until recently, the board game market was a niche market that didn't see much growth. Then, just a few years ago, it just exploded. The main reason is crowdfunding and selling games online without intermediary stores.
We gonna organize crowdfunding through INO event and deliver the game directly to every customer.
Rapidly improving content and gameplay drives market growth.
In our case, maximum engagement is achieved through storytelling, a strong background of the entire project ecosystem and familiar brands in the industry for players; as well as building anchors and associations with specific brands among newcomers at crypto.
A trend in the market is the growing digitalization of board games. Board game publishers are incorporating mobile apps as part of the gameplay. Popular board games such as The Settlers of Catan (Thames & Kosmos) and Mansion of Madness (Asmodee Holding) have mobile apps.
In our case, the logical scaling up is our Cook2Earn mobile game and the crypto Metaverse!
It is predicted that the increase in the number of board game cafes around the world will have a positive impact on demand in the nearest future. For example, the London branches of Drafts Café in Waterloo and Hackney have about 500 and 850 board games, respectively.
Our game is designed for 2-4 players, 60-120 minutes, and has easy-to-understand rules, so it completely fits the criteria of cafe games.
The popular web series TableTop featuring Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day has generated a lot of interest and increased sales of the various board games featured in the series.
In our case, the factor of interest in the game will be the popularization of the animated series "Salsa Valley Stories", on which the whole story of the game and the project are based.
Distribution channels:
  • Specialty stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets,
  • other retail outlets,
  • online stores and marketplaces,
We will also use the brand new sales channel in this niche - through NFT sales (INOs) directly to the cryptocommunity
Other tabletop crypto games:
For the most part, the cryptogames that currently exist only touch on one or two areas (trading or mining) of the multifaceted cryptomarket. Most cryptogames are cheap card games or analogues of Monopoly: e.g. Cryptopia, Bulls&Bears.
Salsa Valley touches most areas of the cryptomarket, as well as, casino mechanics, pump, dump, shilling by influencers, racing, news background and its impact on the market. By choosing a strategy, the player can try on the roles of different participants, including influencers of the cryptomarket. And by boosting his character and skills, the game has a educational nature.
The game is fun, interesting and exciting, but at the same time strategic, economic, educational and construction.