The story behind

Our team, active in the cryptoindustry since late 2015, observes market manipulation by cryptoinfluencers and risky investments by cryptoenthusiasts lacking DYOR. Meme-tokens like dogs, cats, and hamsters gained popularity due to Elon Musk's tweets but lack real value. We aim to improve novice investors' crypto market understanding.
Recognizing also the project teams challenges in retaining an audience on the market, we strive to revolutionize this space too.
Our passions include Salsa sauce, Latin culture, GameFi and Metaverse, memes, visionary leadership, and positive impact. We're committed to building an inclusive ecosystem empowering crypto revolution users for a lasting impact.
Salsa Valley unites cryptoenthusiasts, attracts users, and provides crypto insights through a cartoon series and other products. Our goal is to enhance cryptoindustry functionality, increase market liquidity, and foster growth.

Key references and ambitions

Digital worlds have been with us for almost 20 years. When connected together and combined with a blockchain layer, these digital worlds become “Metaverses“, opening up new and virtually unlimited opportunities for all stakeholders.
These opportunities stem from blockchain technology’s intrinsic characteristics, including: ● The existence of a distributed ledger, whereby each token, NFT or, more generally, every item of digital content is authenticated and tracked; ● The possibility to interact directly with another user, without the interference and the costs of a publisher, platform provider, distributor or any other third party; ● The increasing interoperability of Metaverses, enabling users to transfer content from one Metaverse to another.

Salsa Valley aims to embrace this revolution by releasing merged Web2+Web3 mobile games and Salsa Valley Metaverse.

The goal is to become the leading platform, offering players a single point of entry to an ever-expanding universe of universes.
Salsa Valley builds the entire ecosystem of products to create a global gateway with the aim to become the Start point of easy entry into the world of cryptoindustry with variety of projects, games, communities and Metaverses. Creating several game mechanics within our Metaverse, and also including P2E and Get-Fun-To-Earn (GF2E), involving a professional gamedev studio, will allow Salsa Valley to meet the needs of different user audiences to help them enjoy long-term, live interaction in this space in just "one click».
In a broader sense, create an entertainment company integrating Web2 and Web3 products and audiences as our products encompass social, artistic and public aspects.