Salsa Valley leverages the power of a diverse and dynamic team. Accordingly its vision, the organizational structure includes both internal and external specialists. Using a combination of internal and external resources, Salsa Valley will be able to create a global organization while retaining control over critical knowledge and key decisions.
The internal team is responsible for strategy, vision, overall brand development, and management of core game design components. Along with this, Salsa Valley will bring in an external ready team of specialists and partners for development, technical solutions, quality control and support to ensure efficiency and profitability. Each ecosystem product will be promoted and technically created by a separate team of specialists.
24 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, including large food production. Owner of the personally created escape rooms network in Ukraine. In crypto since 2017. Co-Founder of the "Brandgeneration" company. Co-Founder of the b2b crypto integration service agency "Crypto-Sell". Contacts: Twitter [email protected]
9 years of experience as a financier & individual investor, cryptoenthusiast since 2015, adept at structured collaboration. Co-Founder of the "Brandgeneration" company and business automation services agency. Member of top-100 experts of Stanford AI & Web3 on-chain lab. Co-Founder of the b2b crypto integration service agency "Crypto-Sell". Contacts: Twitter LinkedIn [email protected]
Olena Mazura - CBO
25 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur & foreign partnerships. 27 years in management & finance. 16 years in digital marketing. Co-Founder of the "Brandgeneration" company. 16 years in medical centers & diagnostic equipment. Founder of "OLkTE GROUP LTD". Co-Founder of HealthTech AI startup and "DIGIAGEE" company. Contact: LinkedIn
Vitalii Bryzhan - Head of WEB3 products
Boeing Mid-Level Manufacturing Engineer. 14 years of experience in manufacturing engineering and management. Computer games development tutor for children. Contact: LinkedIn


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