What is Salsa Valley?

Salsa Valley is More Than a Game!

Imagine the Silicon Valley, but in the virtual world of crypto.
It's a virtual B2B2C world based on the «Salsa Valley Stories» (funny meme cartoon series about crypto).
It's a cryptovalley that: 🔸 merges Web2 and Web3 worlds in one entire complete marketing cycle Web3-driven ecosystem, 🔸 operates as a branded house for Salsa Valley products, 🔸 unites cryptoprojects & communities to help them with long-term interaction, to earn & create their own cryptohistory in cartoon series, crypto board game, Cook2Earn, Shill2Earn games & the Metaverse.
Powered by $SALSA Token.
So why SALSA exactly? We are inspired of the philosophic base, that just as salsa is a sauce itself - a mix of ingredients, Salsa Valley is a mix of people who create the cryptoworld and there own cryptohistory!
Salsa Valley aims to provide effective solutions for businesses and communities and make Web 3.0 technologies more accessible than ever.