Shill2Earn game

Shill2Earn: Play space with Salsa Jets!
Imagine a game where the salsa you've crafted in your virtual kitchen can fuel rockets that fly you to distant planets. Welcome to Shill2Earn! This isn't just another mobile game; it's an entire Universe where you gamble your way through the cosmos on salsa jets.
Our target market isn't just gamers but also salsa enthusiasts, high-rollers, and crypto-savvy folks. With core mechanics that offer both luck and skill-based elements, we're not just engaging players - we're hooking them.
It syncs perfectly with our other game, Cook2Earn, making for a cohesive, expansive ecosystem. The time is ripe for a game that combines food, fun, and finance in a cosmic blender of opportunity.


It's a thrilling gaming experience where players use salsa sauce as fuel to launch rockets on daring missions to random planets filled with rare and valuable vegetables. Bet on mission success, collect unique vegetable NFTs, trade them in the market, and climb the ranks to claim special rewards and unlock new adventures in this spicy and adventurous game where Salsa is your jet fuel!"

The target audience:

Shill2Earn caters to a unique mix of casual gamers, Cook2Earn salsa creators, high-stakes players, and blockchain enthusiasts. It's an easy to learn yet deep game that has elements of luck and skill that will keep players hooked.

Synergy with Cook2Earn:

  • Salsa sauce made in Cook2Earn serves as a valuable in-game currency in Shill2Earn.
  • Both games share the same $SALSA token ecosystem.
  • Skills and items earned in one game can complement and enhance the gameplay in the other, making for a truly interconnected gaming experience.
Grab your rocket and your risk-taking spirit and get ready for a wild salsa adventure across the galaxy in Shill2Earn!